Our History

Discover Our Story
Mediterranean dairy brought the real taste of middle eastern cheese to Canada. Mediterranean dairy was founded in 1983 in Hama, Syria. Special recipe that was passed on through several generations! Through many years of dedication, a well-known quality reputation was built in Syria! A proud heritage, a positive future and relentless commitment to quality, Taste of Home was established in Canada!

100% Canadian farm fresh milk.

We are working to keep the Middle Eastern tradition of cheesemaking for modern life. We are also proud of the fact that all our products are made from 100% Canadian farm fresh milk. We verify every product at Mediterranean dairy, experts’ cheesemakers taste and approve every product before it sold to the market. A dedicated team works around the clock to deliver the best taste in the country and its Taste of Home!

Our Vision

To grow our leading position as the trusted choice for cheese in the region, happy consuming with the best quality nutrition every day.